The Google Pixel 4a have been playing for too many months. “Too many” may be better quoted as the problem is not that we are tired of them, but that by now they should have appeared. At least starting from the calendar of the Pixel 3a and 3a XL last year, which were the first “a” models of the North American manufacturer. But the event was postponed and his arrival seems increasingly distant.

The last thing that comes to us, however, is that one of the models may have fallen down the road, and along with it another of the company’s future front-line releases. The code of the Google app has revealed that the Pixel 4a XL does not seem to exist, and the same thing happens with the Pixel 5 XL that we should see arrive in October. Goodbye to the Pixel XL. We don’t say it, the Google app says it.

Pixel 4a and Pixel 5, no surnames XL

Pixel 5 The Pixel 5 according to the latest leak

Apparently, the code of the Google app has been responsible for revealing what is to come to the manufacturer’s catalog. Again, a list of names that reveals more than just the intentions of a Google that seems, at least in regards to 2020, has thrown in the towel with the XL models of its Pixel line.

The Pixel 4a XL had not been spoken for a long time and there were already voices that the model had been canceled before continuing with the design, component selection and manufacturer process. The leaked list seems to demonstrate this theory and, although it cannot be confirmed until the very launch, everything points to in this 2020 we will only have a Google Pixel 4a 5G that, if everything continues as it was filtered, it will arrive with the Snapdragon 765 as the main processor.

Only Pixel 4a in the middle line and Pixel 5 in the high line, no XL models

Regarding the launches of future lines leading the catalog, the Google app again indicates that for this 2020 there will be a single launch. Not a mention of the Pixel 5 XL It would have been removed from the equation, leaving the way to the arrival of a single Google Pixel 5. We assume that at least with the Snapdragon 865, although being the Snapdragon 865+ available we could have an increase in power on the way. Of course, there are leaks that speak of the same Snapdragon 765.

Be that as it may, the leaked information tells us that the 2020 has not been a good year for XL phones of the company. We will see if there have been modifications in the design of the Pixel 5 to “inherit” characteristics of both, to a certain extent, or if simply one model has disappeared to allow the other to arrive alone. We’ll find out in October, as far as the Pixel 5 is concerned.

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