Google Photos releases new collage designs

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1606541658 Google Photos releases new collage designs

If you love collage then you will like the novelty that Google photos has begun to deploy this week in its application for mobile devices: the new collage layouts.

Google photos now you can automatically create collage with your most recent photos under fun new designs to give a more informal look to the montages, and not as formal as before with its grid design of white frames.

The new Google Photos collage

This new collages layout will be automatically created in “Recently featured”, the section of Google Photos that shows us the best recent photos along with edits and montages that the photo editor has made automatically as suggestions.

These collage we can save to always have them in our gallery and / or share with our contacts through our favorite apps. After a few days the collage suggestions may disappear.

At the moment it seems that new collage layouts will only appear if Google Photos creates them automatically. Yes [creamos manualmente un collage](relive your memories in a fun and enjoyable way) the classic design will appear.

Via | Android Police


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