The 3d animals They are not the only novelty in augmented reality that Google has introduced in the search: from now on it is possible to psteal various makeup products using your phone’s front camera. What will a specific eye shadow or lipstick color look like? Google shows it in real time.

Google’s augmented reality has improved a multitude of functions on compatible phones. For example, we can see how is a lion at home, take pictures of a platypus And till measure the distance between the dining room and the living room. Some functions are practical and some are fun, too they can combine both aspects; as with the makeup test using augmented reality. And without having to install applications.

Choose the type of makeup, the brand, the color …

Trying on makeup thanks to the AR and the smartphone camera is not new since applications like L’Oreal They have been offering these features for a long time. Since facial recognition systems accurately determine every feature of the face, and they are able to highlight it to apply anything from filters to putting on glasses, why not vary the colors of the face to show that they have made up? And directly from the search engine.

Google has officially introduced the augmented reality makeup test in its search engine. It is enough to type some makeup brands next to the specific type of product within the purchases tab (‘Shopping’) for Google to return different items for sale and a card allowing direct testing. Labeled with a ‘Try it on’, and as with animals in 3D, Google will use ARCore on compatible mobiles to virtually paint the face.

Change the different tones, choose predefined faces (men or women) and also try it in first person: Google is enabling this function in the search ‘Shopping’ for products from L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Black Opal and Charlotte Tilbury. The test starts in the United States: we have searched our Spanish phones without locating a trace of augmented reality for makeup. It is expected that Google will progressively expand the function to the rest of the territories.

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