A couple of weeks ago it was leaked that Google was going to allow us monitor our sleep habits in order to improve the quality of our rest, and that new feature has been today confirmed by Google along with other tools.

Google is committed to our dream, to improve both quality and quantity, and for this they have updated four applications Android to integrate the following new tools designed for this purpose:

Digital wellness: more personalization

Bedtime Mode

The company has updated the Rest mode to make it more customizable. Now in addition to programming a certain time, you can also say that this mode is activate only while the mobile is connected to the charger in the established time slot. That way what it does is pass remove color from screen to display the image in grayscale and also activate Do not disturb mode.

Google watch with sleep activity

Google Sleep Clock

The application of the Google alarm is where we will find the monitoring of our sleep habits. The Google watch now it will record all the sleep activity, to show us if we have been using the mobile, what applications, at what times and for how long through its graphics.

All this information will be in the new tab “Bedtime”. There we will have to tell him at what time we have to go to bed and at what time we want him to wake us up to sleep the recommended hours. Google Clock will also show us the next Google Calendar events and you can send us a reminder before going to bed with the option to play sounds or Relaxing music through Calm, Spotify or YouTube Music, among others.

Another novelty of Google Watch is a feature that until now was exclusive to the Pixel Stand wireless charging base. Now you can create an alarm that simulates the dawn What it will do is try to wake us up with a visual signal that will be activated 15 minutes before.

The news of the Google Watch begin to arrive from today to all Pixels and in late summer to the rest of Android devices.

YouTube will remind us that it is bedtime.

Youtube Sleep

Another novelty that leaked a few days ago, also begins to reach the world from today. The application of Youtube now it will allow us to add a reminder to go to sleep. This option will be in the general settings of the application.

Family Link: lock devices at bedtime

Family Link

The last tool is found in parental control Family Link. Now parents can create a schedule in which the child’s device get blocked during bedtime. It will block all applications except the calling function.

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