How to overclock a Snapdragon CPU on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones?

Today we reveal another secret, which MIUI skin hides from us. Some Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones can be overclocked using a special command which affects the performance of the GPU. By activating this mode, you will get an increase in clock frequency (FPS) in games and overall performance, which can be measured with the test provided by AnTuTu. However, we know that overclocking causes the smartphone to overheat, which can have unpleasant consequences over time.

GPU overclocking

Please note that this overclocking mode can only be activated on smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or newer chipsets running MIUI. Just enter the combination * # * # 8106 # * ## in the dialer and confirm your intention by pressing the “Switch on” button. The following warning may appear during the activation process:

Experimental GPU overfreq mode could introduce power issues or even more serious issues. However, they will be restored once you turn off this mode.

You won’t believe it, but that’s it. There is nothing more simple. Users who have already tried this procedure on Redmi K20 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphones have released the results of AnTuTu tests. They are awesome! And one more important thing: to disable overclocking mode, you just need to repeat the process of entering the code.



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