When you take screenshots and you want to share them with a contact or paste them into a document so far you had to open the gallery, find the “Screenshoots” folder and select the screenshot (s). As well, Gboard makes this task easy.

One of the novelties of Android for this fall, are its new suggestions for pasting a screenshot, but first we have to have activated that screenshots are saved to clipboard in Gboard.

Save screenshots to clipboard

Gboard Screenshots

If we want power paste screenshots in our conversations, emails and documents quickly and easily We have to activate the following feature that is currently disabled by default:

  1. open Gboard.
  2. Click on the icon settings.
  3. and a Clipboard.
  4. Activate the option ‘Save recent screenshots to clipboard. Allow Gboard to access photos on your device if it asks for your permission.

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Once this option is activated, from that moment when we take screenshots will be accessible from the Gboard clipboard, showing the latest screenshot in your suggestion so sharing it is as easy as tapping on your suggestion.

Gboard Screenshots

Clicking on the icon clipboard we will access the most recent screenshots, and by clicking on each thumbnail, they will stick in a conversation, thus avoiding that we have to open the gallery. The Gboard clipboard shows the last five or six screenshots.

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