How to show battery percentage on Samsung Galaxy devices?

Most Android smartphones display a battery level as a small icon on the screen. Do you agree that it is sometimes quite difficult to estimate the exact level of the remaining charge? The icon is too small and an indicator shows an approximate image. This is particularly troublesome when the level is above the middle. It is almost impossible to know if your battery continues to work until evening or displays warnings after a few minutes of calling. Many users report that their smartphones can work with the illuminated charge icon for a long time, then the charge level decreases quickly. In other words, they observe a discharge of the battery not from its level of 100% but from the moment when it is time to think of recharging the battery.

Battery level on Samsung Galaxy

Fortunately, such low-level information can be corrected. Users can set the battery percentage on any Android smartphone themselves. It’s easy. Let's try Samsung first:

  1. If your smartphone has a user interface (models А10, А30, А50, S10 etc.), first go to "Settings";
  2. Then choose "Notifications";
  3. There, select "Status Bar";
  4. Then set "Display battery percentage" to "On".

That’s it. Now your Samsung will indicate the exact remaining battery percentage.


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