The evolution towards product showcase is being completed: Instagram has opened an item store directly in the ‘Explore’ tab. From now on, the social network is another shopping platform. And with payments through Facebook Pay.

Facebook has been exploring the inclusion of commercial platforms in its applications for some time, not in vain its networks represent a huge showcase, both for companies and individuals. WhatsApp experimented with this option, Facebook has its own sales platform and Instagram also allows the acquisition of products, both from status updates and through advertisements. Also, has launched a new commercial service: Instagram Shop. And it is beginning to be available.

Instagram is already accessible in the United States

Instagram shop

It is not the first move launched to convert views into purchases since Instagram has been testing various possibilities for some time. Ads allow you to include sales links, for example. And Instagram implemented Shopping, a direct sales service so that brands expand their visibility directly to the cash register. What is different about the new service called ‘Shop’? That it is a specific section and organized by collections, such as an e-commerce app.

As in mobile applications for online sales, The Instagram store offers a wide catalog of products accessible from the app options. Specifically, you have to go to the ‘Explore’ tab, which is marked with a magnifying glass: the section of the store will appear there.

Once you access the Instagram Shop, the interface becomes an e-commerce style with your shopping basket at the top right and the respective product sections depending on user activity. Then you just have to click on the specific product to add it to the basket and buy it, all thanks to Facebook Pay.

Instagram shop Payment in Instagram Shop through Facebook Pay

Instagram Shop is in full expansion, surely it will not appear yet (or that the store icon with the old design will appear). The company assures that it is being distributed today in the United States and that will appear in other countries in the coming weeks.

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