All Android mobiles come with a pre-installed phone app. If you are not too convinced, your alternatives go through Google Phone and a multitude of alternatives of dubious quality. Koler is much simpler, lightweight and also totally free, without ads.

Koler is an open source phone app that you won’t find on Google Play and is in a way a breath of fresh air to the have a somewhat different interface to the rest of similar applications.

A phone app with the basics and no more

Koler is a simple and minimalist Android phone application that occupies around 10 MB of memory. Unlike other similar apps, it is not a clone of the AOSP phone app or includes a bunch of things on top of it like an invasive caller ID system. Does the basics, without more.

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Its interface has literally two sectionswithout even having a screen for settings. On the one hand there is the contact view and on the other the recent view, which shows the call history. The grace of the matter is that the list has a pleasant design that is complemented with animations (which you can deactivate, if they do not convince you).


As expected, you can use Koler to make and receive calls -with prior authorization of the required permissions- and with an interface that does not distract you with nothing else. By tapping on a contact you have four options: call, edit, delete or send a message.

Although few, the application includes some options in the menu, including the management of blocked numbers, choose accent color, activate compact mode or ask which SIM you want to use, on a Dual SIM mobile.


In short, it is a simple phone application for those who are not looking for anything quirky. The app is not available on Google Play, but you can install it from its APK directly from GitHub. Requires Android 7.1 minimum.

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