Android 9 Wallpapers Download: If you are looking to download the latest wallpapers of Android 9.0 Pie then you are at the right website. Here, in this article, I present you official android p wallpapers that can be used on any Android smartphone.

Android P 9.0 Pie Wallpapers


What is Android P?

Android is an operating system for the mobile platform. And every year, it gets updated. The first version of android os was released in 2008. And it was named as Android Eclairs.

Now the latest version of Android is Android P 9.0 and it is named as Android Pie. It has lots of new features and new wallpapers. The only sad part of android p is that it is available only to a limited number of smartphone brands. But you can easily get the Android 9 wallpapers.

Let us take a look at the wallpapers.

Why Download Android P 9 Wallpapers?

  • These are the latest wallpapers from Android.
  • These android 9 wallpapers are available in high resolution.
  • The cost of these wallpapers is absolutely zero.
  • All these wallpapers are present in portrait mode.
  •  It will work on any Android smartphone.
  • Also, these wallpapers can be used on the iPhone.

How to Download & Use Android 9 Wallpapers on Android?

  • All these wallpapers are packed in a zip file. So, you need to extract the zip file.
  • Download WinRAR or 7zip file extractor from play store. And extract the wallpaper zip file.
  • Open the wallpapers folder and you will find the list of android pie wallpapers.
  • Select any one wallpaper. And set it as wallpaper.
Android 9 Pie Wallpapers(Zip File)



This was an article about the android p 9.0 pie wallpapers download. I hope you have loved this article. If you found this article to be useful then share it with your friends on social media sites.

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