Best Offline Games for Android Smartphone 2019

Best Offline Games for Android: We’ve covered up some of the best offline games for Android those who always need something to play. We have the full gamut here, from all kinda offline android apps, so that the game lovers don’t have to stop themselves if they do not have the internet connection. Let’s see some of the best android offline games.

Best Offline Games for Android

best offline games for android

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting

xperience a gripping dark fantasy action RPG anywhere you go! No boring turn based battles here or even to be online to play!

Hammer, slash, shock, and obliterate your enemies in an all new animation system inspired by the grittiest fighting games. Fight the way you want as players can choose among four unique shadow warriors, multiple weapons play-styles, and loads of customization to conquer the darkest dungeons. Unite against the shadow of war and save a lost kingdom!

Blazing Sniper – offline shooting game

An action game in which you protect all humanity from the virus, including ever-increasing infected zombies and all kinds of enemy attacks on the side of your opponents whose goal is the opposite – destroy all life on Earth.

Simple controls, excellent graphics and the choice of gameplay complexity are simple and complex, which will delight both novice and experienced players. Arm yourself with the most powerful weapons and join the battle, keep your defense, make the most spectacular shots and rid all countries of the virus and its enemies..

Game features:

  • Over 50 shooter tasks and endless modes. (And you can choose easy or hardcore)
  • Try to resist more zombies.
  • All weapons drops free. (Even include super weapon)
  • Easy to control and play.
  • No ADS! Just for fun.

The dark book

The Dark Book is a free game app for Android which lets you get inside a dark village and encounter various species and weird creatures to fight with.

Journey into a remote town face off with the dark powers that are on the way to destroy the town. Fight against ghouls, skeletons, mummies, zombies, reapers and the like. All you need to do is to use your powerful skills to overcome those powers and eventually reach the target. It features offline action which is considered as best also this game has, amazing graphics,  storyline, and an lovely gameplay.

Download it From Google Play Store!


Tank wars

Tank War as the name suggests The tanks are on their way to destroy each other This time tanks are very advanced and do have to destroy weapons. Let us quickly tell you the gameplay of this very interesting game while playing in two players  “PLAY DEATH MATCH” text. Choose area type from “Terrain Type” section and assign maximum match number to win from “Rounds to win” section. After all join players to the game by clicking the “Add Player” button and that’s how you can play this awesome game. Again the best part about this game is that the user can play this game offline.

Tank Stars
Tank Stars
Developer: Playgendary
Price: Free+
  • Tank Stars Screenshot
  • Tank Stars Screenshot


Dropsy did a very good job of presenting a character who struggles to understand the world and who is himself misunderstood. I felt like a closeted, secretive infant, stepping out into a bewildering world where hurt and joy are inextricably mixed up and communication is almost impossible.

Dropsy – take a good clown through numerous adventures and help him find new friends. Guess riddles and solve puzzles.

Game features:

  • Retro style graphics
  • Big open world
  • Exciting plot
  • Lonely clown
  • Original gameplay
  • Offline Gaming.
Developer: DevolverDigital
Price: 3,49 €
  • Dropsy Screenshot
  • Dropsy Screenshot

you can download This Game from Amazon App Store or 9Apps for Completely free!

Gardens inc. 2: The road to fame

Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame is basically a resource management game in a user has to collect and reuse the resources to build a garden in your premises.

This game includes a guide which is very helpful for the users.

The first levels contain the tutorial to make the users understand each and everything about this game. Also, any time a new feature is introduced, the game will walk you through it, as well. The tutorial part of the level can be skipped if you wish.  Again the best part about the game is that the user can play it offline.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics
  • 50 interesting levels
  • Many quests
  • Over 100 achievements
  • Absorbing gameplay.

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