Here you will see the best games like Candy Crush. Candy crush is the sweetest match 3 game and millions of players play on Android iOS and PC. There is a good chance that you played or saw the game on your friend’s cell phone. If you have played the game and you have finished all these thousands of levels, congratulations, you are not the one who finished it. It is played by millions of people and I play it too. There are many similar games available on Google Play Store and App Store that are similar to the Candy Crush 10 games like Candy Crush Saga

Do you like to play this type of game? If so, you have landed in the right place. We have selected 10 best games, these are really good. This type of game takes a long time to be filled by the player because of his thousands of challenges. Many players get bored and they are looking for the sweet-smash mod-crush game and they play a candy crush with unlimited lives and unlocked all levels. Anyway, if you play the game playing candy, here is the list of the 10 best games similar to the candy game that will satisfy you.

1. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

There may not be an official Pokémon RPG on the App Store (and Pokémon Go is not exactly what we wanted), but Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is a good compromise. It combines the fighting concept of a classic Pokemon role-playing game, but with a match-three strategy. Match three (or more) of the same Pokémon to attack the opposing creature. The more you fight, the more Pokémon you have in your pocket to use for future battles. It’s oddly familiar, but mix the genre at the same time – both for the match-three genre and Pokémon itself.

Availability: AndroidiOS

2. Bejeweled Classic

Bejeweled Classic - Best Games Like Candy Crush

Bejeweled Classic is a popular matching game for Mobile. There are six game mods available in the game. Your job is to match these gems as fast as possible and to discover new levels and new gems like Flame gems, gems and more. There are many levels have been put by the game developer EA. The game contains advertisements and purchases are available. It’s really a good match 3 game like a candy crush.

Availability: AndroidiOSWindowsBrowserXbox 360

3. Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall, it comes with amazing gameplay, graphics and offers it by Disney. There are many characters in the mods of the game, to play with these characters, you must follow the story mode. If you are struggling with a level, you can use few abilities that can be used while playing. Each character has a special ability. The good thing is that you can record your progress using Google Cloud Support. The game contains ads and app purchases available.

Availability: AndroidiOSWindows

4. Gems of War – Match 3 RPG

It’s another puzzle game like candy crush in 2018 by 505 Games Srl. Show off your skills in Gems of War as you face off in Match 3 battles to free kingdoms, win rewards, wield powerful weapons, and unleash devastating attacks!  Match gems to build up special attacks or match skulls to use your brute strength! Test your matching skills by merging copper all the way up to a safe filled with rewards and Unlock kingdoms and meet legendary characters who may join your team if you survive their tasks.

Availability: AndroidiOSWindows

5. Candy Bomb


Candy Bomb Games Like Candy Crush saga

Candy Bomb is similar to the Candy Crush Saga. There are over one hundred levels available in the mod game. Here’s the same gameplay you get in the game, just swipe candy and match three candies and more to crush. Special sweets and gold keys will help you finish the difficult levels. The game by Cosmo game is free to download and contains commercials ads and app purchases available.

Availability: Android

6. Sweet Fever

Sweet Fever Games Like Candy Crush saga

Big fan of playing candy puzzle games? Sweet Fever is perfectly suitable for you and all your friends. In this game mode, you get over one hundred levels in the candy world. If you really like sweets, you may like this game. Arrange at least 3 identical candies in line to blast, reach the target score and collect cookies and lollipops to help you move to the next compelling level.

Availability: AndroidiOS

7. Indy Cat for VK

Indy Cat for VK is really a top-notch match 3 game for Android. In the game, you get a good story or a saga, your job is to help the cat named Indy. Help the cat find the magic ball of fate! Many levels and stunning graphics can satisfy you. The app developed by PlayFlock contains ads and app purchases available. Obviously, this is one of the best matchmaking games for Android.

Availability: AndroidiOS

8. Jewel Pop Mania: Match 3 Puzzle

Jewel Pop Mania, free match 3 puzzle game. Match and pop treasure jewels in dazzling combinations in fun gameplay! This sparkling puzzle adventure will instantly sate your wanderlust and craving for jewels treasure. You must find real treasures using old maps in this jewels Kingdom.  Colorful Ball can help you to eliminate all the same color, Jewels in box can help you to eliminate a line, Bomb can clean up all the jewels around it. More than 200 deluxe match 3 levels!!

Availability: AndroidiOSWindows

9. Pet Rescue Saga

Another similar game like candy crush from candy crush game developer. Everything is fine with ancient cultures, jewelry, and totems, but finding blocks to save some of the cutest animals is something extraordinary. Match the obstacles and break them to save the trapped animals. Hundreds of puzzles and thousands of blocks trapping adorable little animals. Your job is to save them all. Make ultimate combos and chain reactions to destroy as many blocks as possible in a single trial and save all animals before time runs out. See your name at the top of the rankings and get the right to boast.

Availability: AndroidiOSBrowser

10. Candy Blast Mania

All Match-3 puzzle games do not present an interesting story, but Candy Blast Mania certainly has a great story that will keep you going for hours and hours. In this game, you do not have to play indefinitely from level to level to get candy for no reason. You are supposed to collect as much candy as possible by matching them and defeating the evil King Gummy Bear. You have to make sure that the evil Gummy Bear King does not rule the candy kingdom in this amazing game. Embark on an adventure in the world filled with sweets and sweets. Match the candies to collect them and sue them against the evil bear in the face-to-face battle. Play weekly challenges and become the best player of the week.

Availability: AndroidiOSBrowser


All these games have a lot of puzzles to offer. These games will certainly keep you hooked for hours and you can always try another one, as they are all freely available on your favorite mobile platforms and browsers. If you have other puzzle games that you would like us to include in our list of cool games like the candy game, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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