CSR Racing 2 Tips: CSR Racing 2 is another most played android games. It is time to go down quickly. By that, we mean the drag races, and therefore, we mean not challenge the person next to you in the fire, but address some CSR Racing 2. Here’s we shared  some CSR Racing 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies guide for you.

Following the popular CSR Racing finally arrived NaturalMotion and Zynga, and the basics are always the same. Improve your skills in drag racing, upgrade cars you own, acquire new and made advance progressively harder race teams to prove your strength. Not much different from the last time, right?

CSR Racing 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies guide 

In fact, this is not entirely true. Just enough different to make the potentially confusing things at times. But fear not: we played CSR Racing 2 since its soft launch, so we’re happy to help. Browse through our CSR Racing 2 tips, cheats, and strategies and you are almost certain to find something to help you become a more successful racer. Just, uh, please do not test any of these ideas in real life.

All about Tiers in CSR Racing 2

Performance categories(known asTiers) in CSR Racing 2, the different cars in the game are placed inches These levels are constant for the car model and only. While the upper-level cars usually have better performance, do the not correlation to the PP of your car or Evo adjust. For example, an improved Hyundai Veloster may have a higher PP a stock BMW M235i, but that does not mean that the Hyundai is a car Level 3, or vice versa. In most levels, there are three types of cars that you can buy:

  • Cars that can be purchased with gold only. (most players do not spend gold).
  • Cars that can only be obtained by boxes. (these are the rarest cars because you can not buy, you can only buy boxes and hope for the best.)
  • that Cars can be bought with money or gold (the cars that most players buy).

We have not fully tested whether or not the car will perform better than cash cars when maxed out, but the gold car and cash usually have 1-4 more stock PP than a car fund. Cash Car can hold more fusion pieces which give them a slight performance advantage compared to cars in silver and gold (more on that later in the post.)


Keep It in the Green – CSR Racing 2 Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Gone is holding for the green light showing up on your dashboard at the launch and wait for the right time to change gear. Instead, your new boyfriend when it comes to going fast is a green area on your speedometer.

Keep It in the Green - CSR Racing 2 Tips, Cheats, and Strategies.

Keep It in the Green – CSR Racing 2 Tips, Cheats, and Strategies.

At the beginning of a race, you will need to run the engine so that the needle falls in the green zone when the countdown reaches zero for a perfect launch, or close to a good start. Then, when you’re in the heat of the race, you will need to change as the needle finds its way into the green.

Of the two techniques, find a way to run properly is much more delicate. Each car has a different launch pad, and you might have to do some experiments each time you gain a new turn, as it is almost guaranteed that what worked in your last is not good.

BONUS TIP: For some cars, Overheating and timing so that the needle falls in the correct box at the end of the countdown may be helpful to try.

A Brief History of Upgrades – CSR Racing 2  Cheats, Tips, and Strategies

As in the last game, your car becomes faster by upgrading its different components. There are five levels of upgrades for the seven parties as possible just by spending money/gold, with a sixth level you can install if you win the correct part, specific car.

The first three levels (or steps) upgrades can be installed immediately. Steps four and five are imported parts (in the game world, anyway) and take the time to be delivered unless you spend gold to skip the wait.

There are also special items called fusion pieces that can be installed after you have made several upgrades to a given component. Fusion parts do not add as much as possible the potential of your vehicle, but they can make the difference between otherwise assorted cars, and they are linked to certain brands, not models. Be used in a Tier 3 BMW if desired.

Besides being generally faster, it is important to level your nitrous, transmission and tires a few steps, because …

Quarter or Half? in CSR Racing 2 Tips

The tuning option at the bottom of the garage navigation (the icon looks like a candle) is not just for show. Once you have installed the upgrades in step 2, you can use it to exert more control over the following aspects of the performance of your car:

  • Final drive – With an upgrade of the transmission Stage 4, you can tinker with the speed of your car report.
  • Nitrous Oxide – Unlocks in Step 2, allowing you to choose a balance between the power and the duration of your nitro burst.
  • Tire pressure – with tire Level 3 or better, atmospheric pressure comes into play to balance acceleration and grip.

The combination of adjustment factors may be added or subtracted to the potential of your car, as indicated by a positive or negative number at the top of the next base PP screen. Again, each vehicle is different, and you can use the options and Dyno Run Test in the menu Tune to experiment.

However, there is one very important reason to visit the setting screen, and this is because not all races in CSR Racing 2 are created equal. Most are a quarter of a mile, where being the fastest of the line is the key. Other races are half a mile, and then it’s a good idea to sacrifice some initial acceleration for more top speed (since there is time to build it).

We will go further and say that you will lose half a mile races if you do not adjust your car specifically for them. Check the final drive once you have this option, and do not forget to use the dyno to see what impact changes to make to your maximum speed.

Squad … er, Crew Goals (CSR Racing 2 Tips)

The great social addition to CSR Racing 2 comes in the form of crews. As alliances or clans from other games, teams allow groups of players working together towards common goals, gaining advantages that benefit all members.

Currently, there is really no downside to joining a crew. While the objectives are separated into “seasons” that extend over several days, there is no specific time that you must be online to contribute as in some games and goals are so general in most if (as the number of races, the money earned, etc.). What just play the game tends to help the crew somehow.

So even if you’re not usually a carpenter, you probably want to make an exception for the crews.

Multiplayer in CSR Racing 2

Frankly multiplayer CSR Racing 2 was broken during the soft launch, we assumed that the fix for the global launch, but they did not. That said, it would not be a complete guide without it so here you go.

Normally, you want to get your RPMs in good launching point as usual in CSR Racing 2. Second, you must press the launch button within .7 countdown. If you get within .7 3-2-1-START, it will give you a great start. We did not notice much difference in our time with the great start, but we think this helps some. The main purpose of the launch control is really just adding another level variables to living races, making it harder to build a winning streak.


Go Live on CSR Racing 2 Tips

A really interesting aspect to CSR2 is the ability to deal with other human pilots in the live multiplayer head-to-head. No need for an asynchronous madness here.

Although it may be daunting to step back and take other players, it is definitely worth checking out. The victory streaks in live races are the best ways to have shots of rare cars, and you lose nothing (but a certain pride, we assume) to lose a race in this mode.

Also, if you can bet cash game on live races, you do not have to. In fact, money only plays your personal stash if you agree. Give it a boost and see how you do, because you might surprise yourself.

Misc. Tips and Tricks for CSR Racing 2

  • Beginning with level 1, CSR Racing 2 will offer packages “booster” who have a car to your new level, large quantities of silver and or gold. Usually, this is a car and gold car this can only be worthwhile if you really want this car that would cost $ 9.99 in gold.
  • Never buy super nitrous, it is still possible to win a boss car without it, however, 9/10 times your car will need to have most of the steps 5 parts. You can get away, but we recommend you ALWAYS maximize your car just to be safe.
  • Boss Cars are good for 2-3 races in the next level and can not be improved, so be prepared to buy another car after car boss survives its usefulness.
  • Also, do not make a mistake. MASTER your pitch if you want to try to take a boss car.
  • Do not win the final race if you’re not ready to challenge for your car because you will not have the opportunity to win the last race and come back for the final.
  • Beware of these reductions, however, because the higher level you are, the more expensive they are.

Let’s watch the small trailer:

[youtube id=”C5gk8aEjy5U” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

Are there cheat codes for CSR Racing 2?

Let’s talk about cheats for CSR Racing 2. Many players are wondering if you can get extra money or reputation of some inputs. However, this is not possible, as there are in-app purchases to CSR Racing 2, with which you can buy benefits. Thus, we get the gold for real money, with which you can then buy all sorts of things.

There are hacks on the Internet, even for CSR Racing 2s that promise unlimited money and reputation. What we do not recommend, which may be prove to be virus or Trojan horse and can cause a lot of damage to your device.

Do you have more about CSR Racing 2 Tips, Cheats, tricks, and Strategies, then please explain it in below.

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