How to receive a Whatsapp notification on MI Band 3 : In the present day, one in two uses a formatting group and MI is one of the most popular. MI has its own series of fitness groups and all are very famous among the users. MI started his fitness group with Group 1 and recently, Group 4 with incredible improvements. In this article, we will focus more on the notifications and messages of MI Band 3. Whenever a new device has entered the market, there are amazing features that you have little to offer. One of them receives a WhatsApp notification on MI Band 3.

Are you a fan of Xiaomi MI Band 3? If so, then you could be
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to receive a WhatsApp notification on MI Band 3? If not, thanks for going through this
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It's not rocket science like that or you have to fight for it to be activated. All you have to do is play with the settings and you're done. Apart from that, there are many features of MI Band 3 that you can check in our article on the differences. Read here How to get a WhatsApp notification on MI Band 3.

WhatsApp Notification on MI Band 3 – Enabled

  • First, you must successfully configure Xiaomi MI Band 3 with your Android / iOS phone using the Mi Fit app.
  • Once this initial configuration is complete, you are ready to enable WhatsApp notification on IM Band 3.
  • Open the Mi Fit app, go to the profile and press the MI Band 3 in the My Devices category.
How to get a WhatsApp notification on the Mi Band 3
  • Here you will see the list of parameters related to Band 3. You must select "App Alerts"
How to get a WhatsApp notification on the Mi Band 3
  • Once you have opened App Alerts, all you have to do is activate the switch for WhatsApp. On the same screen you will have the option to enable notification for Messenger, Skype, Facebook, Instagram and many others. Depending on your convenience, you can enable the switch for the respective applications and start receiving notification for the same on band 3 of the IM.
How to get a WhatsApp notification on the Mi Band 3

It is now that you have successfully activated WhatsApp
Notification on your MI Band 3. Your group is now vibrating
whenever you receive a new message on WhatsApp.

Professional advice: If the WhatsApp group is in mute mode, you will not be notified on your band 3.