The different quarantines that humanity has suffered in different sentences since the explosion of the coronavirus pandemic have caused common consequences at the technological level, and perhaps the most sensitive is that Internet use has increased by having more time to occupy. Logically, mobile phones have come to fill much of that consumption.

As early as May, we reported that Sensor Tower had released a report showing that 600 million gigs had been downloaded in apps and games in the first quarter alone. Well, we already have the second quarterly report of the year here and we have a new record, this time in the form of number of apps. Android has surpassed its previous figure by almost 35%.

28,000 million apps only from Google Play

Sensor Tower account in its latest quarterly report that the Google Play Store has recorded a growth in the number of downloads of 34.9%. A quite impressive figure in terms of percentage but it is even more striking if it translates into number of applications. Across the planet, Android phones downloaded more than 28,000 million apps from Google Play.

Keep in mind, as is usually the case in these cases, that Sensor Tower does not record data far from the Google Play Store. We are not expressly talking about independent alternative stores, whose number must be very low compared to the Google Play Store, but there is no data from the Huawei App Gallery, for example, or from Xiaomi or Samsung stores.

Google Play registers a 35% increase in app and game downloads

Perhaps Huawei App Gallery data is the most relevant In this case, since the Chinese manufacturer has been putting phones in circulation for several months without access to the Google Play Store and that must be fed, yes or yes, from their own store. A store that, incidentally, has a great pull in China, the home of the brand and the main engine that has caused Huawei to become the world leader in mobile phone sales.

Sensor Tower also says that Zoom leads the ranking of app downloads and that the ranking of games has led, surprisingly, ‘Save the Girl’ by Lion Studios. We say “surprisingly” because the most downloaded game in Android history is still Subway Surfers. We will see what happens in the next quarter, already with the confinement measures lifted or reduced, but it will be difficult to overcome these almost 30,000 million apps in three months. Or not?

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