Over the years, the Always On Display modes, customizable lock screens and other extra options that are activated when we are not using the mobile have been gaining prominence. However, the energy consumption that these functions can suppose is set back for a good part of the users, who are not willing to lose autonomy in exchange for the screen being on showing additional information.

If this is your case, we come with the perfect application. It is a solution that allows us have a customizable and comprehensive lock screen It is activated only when the mobile is charging. In this way, we can have the mobile supported on the charging base, on the table with the cable or the way we deem appropriate, while enjoying extra options.

This is how TrueAmps works

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TrueAmps It is one of the most cared applications on a visual level when it comes to lock screens. It is activated only when our mobile is turned off and it is completely configurable. Specific, these are the options that allow us to configure the application from its main menu.

  • General settings (fonts, animations, colors, etc.)
  • Animation settings (style, colors, themes, etc.)
  • Notification settings (icons, messages, quick responses, etc.)
  • Weather settings (location, weather service API key, etc.)
  • Gesture settings
  • Backups

The application allows us to customize practically everything we can think of . In fact, we can even make it activate only when you are charging by cable / only when you are charging wirelessly, or both. In the same way, has an anti burn mode to protect OLED screens.

The application is completely customizable and we can even add gestures to interact with it when the mobile is locked

We can leave the new lock screen to taste that shows, at the level of colors, themes, animations and others. If we want to interact with this lock screen quickly we can configure different gestures, such as swiping up, down, or sideways to launch specific actions. In short, a very customizable lock screen that only activates when we are charging, so we do not worry about the battery.



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