AccuWeather has been a benchmark for years when it comes to time applications. It is complete, free and has a great interface, for which it has made merits to become so well known. In the latest beta version important news arrive to the application, among which is integration with Wear OS.

Google’s smartwatch operating system you already have your own Accuweather app, which will allow a better integration in order to consult the weather from our smartwatch. We are going to talk about this novelty, as well as the new functions included in the update.

Accuweather now works on Wear OS and more news

Accuweather debuts after years of life on Wear OS, Google’s operating system for smart watches. One of its key functions comes in ‘MinuteCast’, a feature that allows users to see when precipitation is expected in our area.

With ‘MinuteCast’ we will be able to quickly know the time that is expected in our area from the clock, something that will avoid queries from the phone

Apart from this function to check the time quickly from the clock, Accuweather now has a storm and hurricane tracker. Fortunately, Europe enjoys a climate in which they do not usually make an appearance, but having these alerts if we travel to a prone area is always good news. Specifically, the amount of expected rain, wind, storm force and others are detailed.

As we advance, the functions and the application are in beta, so you will have to wait a few weeks for them to reach other users. However, you can now download it from APKMirror safely to anticipate this wait.

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