It has been expected but the ultralight version of Android 12 is here. After two months of waiting, Google has finally announced the launch of Android 12 (Go Edition), the version of the operating system designed exclusively for PC devices. input range.

With Android 12 (Go Edition) We see how Google wants to offer its users a faster, smarter and more privacy-friendly experience for the next devices in 2022, and for this with its new version based on Android 12 we are going to find these news:

Android 12 (Go Edition) is faster

Up to 30% faster Applications will be opened with Android 12 (Go Edition) compared to the previous version Android 11 (Go Edition), also offering a smoother animation thanks to the optimizations of the new version. With Android 12 (Go Edition) also comes compatibility with the Splash Screen (Opening Screen) of Android 12.

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a higher battery time

It reaches Android 12 (Go Edition) the hibernation automatic applications for extend battery life and storage. As with the normal version of Android, the ultralight version will also hibernate applications that have not been used for long periods, preventing them from running in the background and deleting all your data.

Unused Apps


The recent view of Android 12 (Go Edition) will now show options for listen to or translate content on screen into our preferred language, making it much easier to translate an application or message, or listen to a news item.

Share apps

Since the beginning of this year we can share Google Play applications to nearby and offline devices, a feature that is now integrated into Android 12 (Go Edition). With a long press on an application icon, the option ‘Share …’ will appear.

Easier guest mode

Google simplifies the guest user experience on the ultralight version of Android by making profiles directly available from lock screen. This will make it easier and faster to switch to a guest profile when sharing your device with someone else.

More privacy control

Android 12 (Go edition) adds the new privacy panel of Android 12, so you can easily see what information your applications are accessing, such as your location, microphone or camera. There is also the new privacy indicator in the status bar that will notify the user if an application is using the camera or microphone at the same time. Finally, the new approximate location permits so that an application only knows what area we are in but not the exact location.

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