After launching the fifth and last beta a month ago, we see how Google announces the final version of Android 12, but not as we were used to during all those years. Google has opted for a Android 12 official release a little decaf.

And is that Google has officially launched Android 12 sending the source code from its new version to Android Open Source Project (AOSP) without releasing the official stable version update for your Pixel devices.

When will the Android 12 update arrive?

For the release of the Android 12 update we will have to wait a little longer. Gogle has announced that the arrival of Android 12 to the first devices will be In the next weeks. The first to update will be, as expected, the Google Pixel, followed by devices Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo and Xiaomi, whose update will go to end of this year.

Android 12, news

On October 27-28, during the Android Developer Summit, Google will have more detail on Android 12, but the news are what we have been seeing in recent months with the previews and betas of Android 12, such as the following news:

Android 12 in depth: we analyze the latest update and everything it brings back

A new user interface for Android

  • Material You: The native version of Android has a new design whose main novelty is that the elements of the system interface and the applications adapt to the colors of the wallpaper.

  • Redesigned widgets: Taking advantage of the new Android interface, Google has also redesigned its widgets to bring them up to date and to better fit the new design.

  • Application launch presentation screens: Now all applications will show a home screen when opened. By default they will show their icon but developers can add animations.

Widgets Android 12


  • Faster and more efficient system performance: In Android 12, the CPU time used by the central services of the system has been reduced by 22% and the use of large cores by 15%, also improving the speed at which applications are opened and the writing and reading of data .


Android 12 Location

  • Privacy panel: Android 12 debuts a new panel in its settings that offers users more visibility into when their application accesses the microphone, camera and location data.

  • Approximate location: The new location permit gives us more control over our position. With Android 12 we can grant access to your application to an approximate location.

  • Microphone and camera indicators: If any application is accessing our camera and / or microphone, we will see a notice in the status bar or notifications to notify us that the mobile is currently using the camera and / or microphone.

  • Alternating microphone and camera: In the quick settings we can disable access to the camera and microphone for all applications.

  • Nearby device permissions: Android 12 launches a new permission to detect nearby devices without the need for location permission as with previous versions.

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