One of the features that was lost with the launch of Android 12 was the volume control of the Chromecast due to a “legal problem”. It was no longer possible to adjust the volume from the mobile’s own volume controls and buttons, but surprisingly this has changed in the January version of Android 12.

Yesterday the security patch January to the Pixels, and in addition to solving the serious error in emergency calls, it has also Chromecast volume control enabled on your devices.

Google Cast volume control returns to Android 12

The compatibility with the Chromecast volume control was disabled in Android 12 Beta 3, and so far this feature has been disabled according to Google due to a “legal problem”, probably due to a lawsuit by Sonos. The company reported last November that they were still working on offering an alternative, but that they doubted if it would get to Android 12. Everything suggested that we were going to have to wait for Android 12L, but finally Google has found the solution with Android 12.

Now from Pixel 3a the volume control of the Chromecast is recovered, with which its users will be able to control the volume of your TV from the volume buttons of your device without having to use the app Google Home. The security patch is now available from Pixel 3a to Pixel 5a. In the Pixel 6 the patch will arrive in the next few days.

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What is a mystery is how Google has managed to solve this “legal problem”. It is unknown if they have reached any settlement with Sonos or if Google found an alternative to implement this feature without infringing the Sonos patent. It is also unknown if Chromecast volume control support will reach all Android 12 phones when they update with the January security patch or higher.

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