This morning we have seen how sources from Android Police had access to a very early version of Android 13, filtering that the next version of Google’s operating system will offer two new shortcuts to scan QR codes, but as expected the leaks have not remained here.

Now Android Police returns to the scene filtering two novelties present in that leaked “preview” of Android 13 and that they could reach their stable version later this year. The news has to do with a new Google Assistant activation setting and with a new way of change user.

New configuration in button navigation

Android 13 Button Navigation

The 2 and 3 button navigation you will receive a new setting with Android 13. So far by default, holding down the Home button activates the Google Assistant, and the only way to avoid this is to completely disable the Google Assistant. But this will change with Android 13, since Google will allow deactivating the gesture of holding down the Home button to activate the Assistant, allowing the user to use other ways to activate their Assistant.

It is surprising that until now Google has not added this configuration option, since many people, due to accessibility, prefer button navigation over gestures, and some people with mobility problems may mistakenly activate the Google Assistant when they press the Home button longer than it should.

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Change user from the unlock keyboard

Android 13 Users

Android allows you to create several user profiles, something very practical if we want to separate the personal account from the work account on the mobile, or if we have a tablet, each family member has their own profile. Well, in Android 13 it seems that Google wants to add a new way to switch user.

On mobile phones to change user we had to access the quick settings bar, and on tablets, you can also switch user from the lock screen, but from Android 13 it seems that you can also change user from the keyboard itself unlocking or Keyguard. It is unknown if this novelty will reach mobile phones or only tablets.

Via | Android Police

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