Three years ago, Google simplified the pairing of wireless headphones with Android Fast Pair, a new protocol that uses bluetooth location to detect the headset as soon as it is brought closer to the mobile and pair it quickly and easily.

In the middle of this year, Google improved Fast Pair with the search for lost headphones, battery notifications and a new accessory manager, but had not updated its interface until now.

This is the new interface of Android Fast Pair

Fast Pair

Since late 2017, bringing a compatible Bluetooth headset closer to Fast Pair, a normal notification to pair the new accessory, but now the notification type has changed.

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Android Fast Pair now shows a big notification at the bottom of the screen, showing the name of the accessory at the top of that pop-up window, the product image in the middle and large, and at the bottom the option “Connect”.

Android Fast Pair

This new interface and behavior is practically the same that we currently find in iOS when bringing AirPods to the iPhone. As we can see, Google has liked that design so much that it has brought it to its operating system.

W1 Chip Airpods

With this new design the binding notification no longer goes unnoticed as it is persistent. Further, the pairing process is also done from that pop-up window. Once the new device is paired, to show the battery level of the headphones or case, the normal notification above will appear as before.

Via | 9to5Google

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