Last November the browser Chrome para Android was updated to version 96, but it was not until a few days ago that Google began to activate a curious and practical feature called last visit.

Now Chrome para Android It will tell you in a very simple and fast way ** when was the last time you visited a web page. But not only that, but also the links of that website that you have recently visited.

How to see the last visit of a website

This novelty is found “Page information”, the section accessed by tapping on the padlock icon that appears in the address bar when we have entered a website.

Chrome Last Time

Now, in addition to showing if the connection is secure, the cookies permissions, the new section appears “Last visit”. This is where Chrome will inform us when was the last time we entered said website, showing the date of our last visit.

How to configure website permissions in Chrome for Android and what it is for

But this is not all. If we click on “Last visit” we access the record of said web page, showing all links that we have visited. This section is very practical to find that publication that we have recently visited but that we have lost its URL but if we remember where it was. Thus, for example, if we enter and enter the history of the last visit, we will see the links that we have been visiting throughout the day, the week and the months.

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