If you’ve ever wanted to use two different WhatsApp accounts on your mobile phone or maybe two different Instagram accounts, it’s possible thanks to a fantastic application called Parallel Space.

Most popular applications allow you to use multiple accounts in one application. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter.

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Use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile

WhatsApp is the only application that does not allow you to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone, even if your smartphone is a dual SIM card mobile.

Android smartphone makers have been inspired by the Parallel Space application. They have added this cloning feature of an application, so you can use multiple instances of a single application on your mobile phone.

For example, the Xiaomi MIUI allows you to use multiple instances of an application with a feature called dual application. Likewise, the ASUS ZenUI offers similar features.

But, if your smartphone has a different operating system, which does not offer the cloning feature of an application to use multiple instances, you can still install a parallel space from the Play Store and use multiple instances of a single application.

Use multiple Instagram apps in a single mobile

Although Instagram has a feature allowing users to add multiple accounts in a single app, this is not as convenient as having two separate applications using different accounts because it speeds up access to your accounts.

You can either use the native feature if the custom OS on your Android device allows it, or opt for the Parallel Space application.

Install a parallel space from Play Store

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The good thing is that the application of parallel space is available in the Playstore, which is the safest way to install an application on your Android mobile.

You can follow the link mentioned below to install it from the Play Store.

Install a parallel space from Play Store

If for some reason, if you do not have the option to install it from the Playstore and want to download the apk version of the Android app, you can do it from Mirror APK, which is one of the trusted websites outside the Play Store that hosts the APK price of popular Android apps.

Download Parallel Space APK from APK Mirror

Scroll down the page to find the latest list of APKs from Parallel Space and download it.

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