Video calls and Messenger Rooms are now more complete on mobile: Facebook has incorporated the option to share the screen. With this option it is possible to show the rest of the participants what happens on the phone; allowing from fixing a problem in the distance to offering advice, for example.

If we have to focus on the technology most used during the pandemic, the most attention will be paid to video calls. Because, who has not participated in dozens of them throughout the confinement? With the family, video calls to the family, work … And with different needs, also to show what is on the phone screen, option that integrate several very popular services. And Facebook has decided to join the Messenger video calls on mobile: now we can share the screen with the rest of the communication participants.

How to share the screen with up to 15 people

Share Screen Video Calls Messenger Facebook

Messenger video calls, and also access to Rooms from the messaging application, have received the novelty: Facebook equates mobile apps with desktop services so that its users have more options when it comes to communicating. And it is not a minor novelty, that sharing the screen with someone who is miles away can be of great help to both of you.

Facebook has announced the news on its blog and this is already active in the mobile Messenger application. Just open the app (better to have it updated) and do the following:

  • Choose the person with whom you want to make the video call. Or select a group of up to 8 contacts (with you).
  • Unfold the bottom of the interface and you will see the new ‘buttonShare screen‘.
  • Accept the permissions so that Messenger can do its work and automatically all the participants of the call will see what you do on the mobile.
  • When you have finished, display the menu and click on the button to stop sharing the screen.
  • In addition to video calls, you can also share the screen by creating a Messenger Room. Go to the ‘People’ tab and click on ‘Create a room‘. When the participants enter you will have access to the button to share what is on the phone screen.

The new feature is now available in the Messenger app for Android, also on iOS. You can use it whenever you want with seven other people (video call) and 15 participants (room or Room).

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