First details of the Realme Koi, another candidate to mount the Snapdragon 888 and with a 125W load

First details of the Realme Koi another candidate to mount
First details of the Realme Koi another candidate to mount

Qualcomm announced its new processor for high-end smartphones, the Snapdragon 888, in early December and already The race has begun to see which will be the first mobile to mount the top chip of the moment. Xiaomi has been the first to officially present the Xiaomi Mi 11 with Snapdragon 888, but at the moment it is not for sale, so it may not be the first to hit stores.

Realme, one of its most direct competitors, already announced in its day that the first mobile of the brand to have the Snapdragon 888 It would be the Realme Race, but now a leak indicates that it will not be the only one to have the chip, but that it would be part of a series in which the device that has just been leaked called Realme Koi would also be.

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Snapdragon 888, triple camera and ultra-fast charging

The Realme Koi leak occurred through Weibo and, although both the images and details were subsequently erased, they continued to circulate. The final name of the terminal is not yet confirmed, but there are rumors that say it could hit the market as Realme V15.

Among its main features we would have the aforementioned Snapdragon 888 and a triple camera with 64 megapixel main sensor. In the images you can see the module, located in the upper left corner of the back, which stands out for a glossy finish with what appears to be a gradient in warm tones.

The Realme Koi would have the 125W ultraDART load, capable of charging 4,000 mAh in 20 minutes.

Another of the rumored features of this terminal has to do with charging. The Realme Koi would have the ultraDART system that has a 125W power and it is capable of charging a 4,000 mAh battery in just 20 minutes. At the moment Realme has not confirmed the existence of this device, so we have to wait to know more details.

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