In recent weeks, the news that related the Note family with Samsung’s folding phones has been common. The formerly known as phablet has, Or so it seems, marked in black his destiny for being engulfed by mobile phones with a flexible screen. And that makes sense if we pay attention to the information that is echoed in The Elec.

The medium claims that Samsung is preparing not two phones with a folding screen. Looking ahead to the year 2021 that we are about to launch Samsung has in mind to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 2 y el Galaxy Z Fold 3 as a replacement for your current models. Phones that would be accompanied by the Galaxy Z Fold Lite. It has already rained since the arrival of Galaxy Fold original

Flexible, yes, but more affordable


Of the first two, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 2, the launch cannot be considered a surprise, since it follows the logical cadence to renew the range. In this equation what stands out is the Galaxy Z Fold Lite.

This terminal would apparently launch during the next quarter, perhaps after the announcement of the new Galaxy S21 and as his surname indicates, it would come to be a budget version of the Galaxy Fold that we all know in order to break the price barrier and reach more public.

This Galaxy Fold Lite would be a model with a 7-inch screen on your internal and main screen, along with a 4-inch exterior screen. A model that would have the launch scheduled for March 2021.

Fold 2

For their part, the other two models, would have a scheduled departure date for September, coinciding with the one that would be destined to a hypothetical Note. In this case, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 would have an internal LTPO-type screen of 7 inches at 120 Hz, with support for the S Pen stylus and a 4-inch external screen.

For its part, the Galaxy Z Flip 2 would use a 6.7-inch internal screen and an external 3 inch, much larger in size than the Galaxy Flip actual.

Not a word about the rest of the specifications, but it is not surprising that we are faced with a Snapdragon 888 processor with integrated 5G connectivity and the photo and battery improvements that are common at each annual jump.

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