As happens every year with the start of football seasons, SEGA has a new version of its excellent football manager in the works. And it can now be downloaded on Android: Football Manager 2022 reaches touchscreens to offer the full experience of a club administrator. As always, with the licenses and the real players.

Soccer franchises accumulate a handful of classics that are renewed at the same rate as the squads: annually. There is FIFA, also PES (now eFootball). Or Football Manager, a game where the sport itself is not practiced since what counts is knowing how to wear the changing rooms. What were you wanting to release a new game? It is already in the Google Play Store.

Very high possibilities at a somewhat high price

Football Manager 2022

Football Managers are not cheap games, each delivery exceeds the price of 9 euros on mobile phones. This is the case with the 2022 version: SEGA maintains its high cost while offering the best equipment management experience that can be enjoyed on a touch screen.

The best free games for Android

Football Manager 2022 Mobile includes its already excellent simulation plus more than 60 world leagues from 25 different countries. The key in the game is to evolve football clubs based on transfers, lineups, sales and other functions accumulated by club managers and coaches. Almost nothing.

New tools to browse the matches in search of the next stars, predefined templates to facilitate the experience, complete and advanced simulation in case you want to go step by step, SEGA has renewed the transfer negotiations, Football Mobile 2022 includes AI face generation for home players and the interface looks more intuitive than in previous versions. Of course, you need a somewhat recent mobile (and with some power) to run the game with total fluidity.

Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 is now available on the Google Play Store at a price of 9.99 euros. The Touch version has not yet been updated to the new season.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile

Football Manager 2022 Mobile

  • Developer: SEGA
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: 9,99 euros
  • Category: sports

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