After the application of Google, the next applications of the company to receive the dark theme are Google Docs, Sheets and Slide. After almost a year of waiting after updating Google Drive, its office applications begin to receive the dark theme.

Google has started to activate the dark theme in the Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations applications through its servers, so having the latest version does not guarantee that we can already use this feature. The company is gradually activating it and could still be in the testing phase.

Docs, Sheets and Slides with dark theme

Dark Docs

The dark theme of Docs, Sheets, and Slides is identical to that of Google Drive. The interface is now displayed under gray tones and white letters, except for documents, which in the latter respect the color of the original document.

As in the rest of Google applications, from the settings of your applications we can configure the theme to choose that it is always light, dark or that it changes depending on the theme of the system.

The dark theme of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides could take a few weeks or even months to reach everyone. Once these applications are updated, the most important applications of Google will already have the dark theme.
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