Google continues to enhance its video call applications now that its use has increased exponentially given the current situation worldwide. Again Google Duo for Android expand the number of participants in your latest version.

Last April, they extended the limit to 12 participants but they warned that this limit was going to be extended soon. In May, video calls from up to 32 participants arrived in the web browser that now also reach Android.

32 participants also on Android

Google Duo 32

Google Duo for Android has started to activate the video calls of up to 32 participants. This novelty is reaching the latest version of the application in a phased manner.

When activated, Google Duo will show us a window informing us that from now on we can make video calls with up to 32 people and send video messages to groups. When we go to create a group we will see that we can add 31 people instead of 11 people.

In this way, the commercial Google application for video calls will allow us to speak with up to 32 people totally free and without limits, while the company’s professional video call application, Google Meet allows us to make video calls with up to 100 people without limitations until September .

Google Duo: high-quality video calls

Google Duo: high-quality video calls

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