Google Home already allows you to create routines that are activated when we arrive or leave home

Google Home Presence
1603939572 Google Home already allows you to create routines that are

The Google application to control our home begins to activate an important novelty: the routines based on our presence. Now Google Home it will be able to detect if we are coming home or if we are abandoning it.

They are about two routines called At home Y Absent that arrive to automate actions such as turn lights on or off, security cameras, or adjust thermostat or turn off depending on our presence.

Routines at home and away

Google Home Presence

To enjoy these two new routines we have to update Google Home to the last update and wait for the new setting to appear on its main screen Set up Home and Away routines.

There, during its configuration, it will ask us if we already have a Nest account to link it and create a network of devices. Google Home will be able to detect our presence using the location of our mobile or using devices with presence detection such as the Nest Thermostat, Protect, Detect y Guard.

Once this new feature is activated we can automate the actions we want Google Home to do when someone comes home or when everyone is away. So we can tell him to turn on the lights when the first person comes home and to turn off all the lights when the last person leaves the home.

Google Home Presence

Then we can edit these routines from the Routines section of Google Home, where we will find more customization options, such as adjusting the brightness of the lights.

The only downside that I currently find with this feature is that it does not take into account the time of day, since it does not make sense to turn on the lights when there is still sunlight, so it is to be expected that in future updates it will allow you to say to turn on the light when it is dusk.


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