Google launches Look to Speak, an application that allows you to speak with your eyes

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To improve the quality of life of people with a disability, Google not to launch accessibility tools like Lookout to turn the mobile into our eyes O Voice Access to control the mobile by voice.

Your last tool is the new Look to Speak, an application for motor and speech disabilities that allows us to use our eyes to communicate.

Así es Look to Speak

Look to Speak is an experiment developed Google Creative Lab available for Android 9.0 or higher and designed with a small group of people who could benefit from a tool with these characteristics.

Look to Speak operation is very simple. You just have to look left or right to find and select a default word or phrase. The app will read it out loud.

Look To Speak

This tool is only in English but you can edit the phrases to translate them or add other phrases to adapt them to the user. The reading is done with the default language of the mobile, which will read them in correct Spanish.

Look to Speak It can be the perfect complement to those other communication devices that cannot be easily used in some situations, for example when we are outdoors, in transit, in the shower and in urgent situations. You just have to hold the mobile at face level so that the camera can recognize the movement of the eyes.

Look to Speak

Look to Speak

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