How to fix Google Play Store errors when checking for updates: Android is without a doubt the most versatile and used mobile operating system. The fact that you can get an Android smartphone regardless of your budget makes it widely available. You can get cheap smartphones that will not hurt your pocket. In addition, if the budget does not concern you, you can always opt for high-end Android smartphones. Apart from that, Android also offers a very smooth user experience and access to a wide range of applications, unlike other operating systems.

Although Android smartphones often offer an outstanding user experience, there are few scenarios in which users have reported having some issues. Most of the problems encountered in Android smartphones are related to Google Play Store. Most problems occur when downloading or updating apps from the Play Store. Earlier, we also discussed issues such as the Google Play Store Code 910. In this article, we will also discuss a problem of this type reported by users. When you try to update the apps available on your Android smartphone, you may get an error stating:

Error checking for updates

This error will prevent you from updating apps on your Android device. So we considered providing some methods to fix the error checking error in the Google Play Store.

How to fix the search error problem in the Google Play Store

In this section, we’ll give you many ways to troubleshoot the Google Play Store error check for updates. Please be sure to follow the steps carefully. The steps are very simple and easy to implement. So, let’s start solving this problem now.

Method 1: Clear the cache and data from the Play Store

This is the most effective method for troubleshooting the error checking problem in the Play Store. This method works for most issues related to the Google Play Store. We have prepared for this a simple and short guide which you can access here.

Clear cache and data from Google Play Store

When implementing this solution, be sure to clear the cache and data. For some users, erasing the cache only worked, but for most of them, erasing the data is the one that worked well for correcting the search error in Google Play Store.

Method 2: Toggle the Automatic Synchronization Data Option

If the first method does not work for you, this method should be able to correct Error checking for updates Fault. Just follow the steps below to implement this method:

  • Go to settings on your Android device.
  • Scroll to find Accounts and press it.
  • Now scroll down where you will find an option to Synchronize data automatically. By default, it would be shot SURE.
  • Turn the OF. Wait 10 to 20 seconds. Turn the SURE again.
  • Try to update the apps now.

Method 3: Reset the application preferences

Follow the steps below to reset the application preferences on your Android device:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to search System and press it.
  • Here, press Reset options.
  • Now press Reset application preferences option.

Once you have implemented these methods, try to check if the problem Error checking for updates has been resolved.

Here are some steps to repair the Google Play Store. Error checking for updates problem. I hope you liked this article on How to Fix Google Play Store Error While Checking for Updates problem. However, if you are still stuck and need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us via comments. We would be happy to help you.