With the launch of Android 5.0, the job profile, a feature that allows us separate our work from our private life, that is, separating applications and work data from applications and personal data, but so far their availability is very limited.

Currently only managed employees with a business identity can activate such a work profile on their devices, but this will change soon. Google has confirmed that starting next year Unmanaged Workspace users will also be able to activate the work profile on their Android devices.

The job profile begins to reach everyone

This change will come to provide a solution to all autonomous who work alone and do not want to hire an identity provider that is currently mandatory to have in order to activate the work profile on Android. Since there is no point in investing in an employee management provider for a single employee.

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So starting next year, anyone who uses Android for business will be able to separate work and personal apps with just one click. The job profile will debut first in all Google Workspace accounts but there are plans to expand to more identity providers soon.

A few months ago Google Workspace began to reach the world with a free version, so in theory any user who activates that free version should be able to activate this work profile on their Android device.

The job profile allows us in our account a personal profile and a work profile, allowing us to duplicate some applications, to have the personal version and the work version, identifying with a badge which are the work applications. With each profile, our data is kept separately, so from the work profile it will not be possible to access our personal photos, and vice versa, preventing access to our work data from the personal profile.

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