It gives the feeling that Android-based consoles They are back in fashion after having spent many years in the fallow, even in danger of extinction, but more and more models that we see hit the market to try to take advantage of the booming market for mobile games. Powerful titles are increasingly abundant and perhaps now is the time to have a console of this style, and the GPD XP is the last to arrive.

If an exact month ago the future Lenovo Legion Pay with integrated GeForce Now leaked, now we have among us la GPD XP that maintains the same pattern, so widespread in the world of video games in general. With the GPD XP we have the screen in the center, buttons on one of the sides and, this is very important, a slot for accessories on the right side. Thus, we can choose what type of controller we want to build with the option to even place one from the Xbox since we are talking about a modular Android console.

A fairly versatile console with three controllers to choose from

GPD XP Game Console

As we say, the real potential of this GPD XP that is already on sale lies in the possibility of customization through accessories. The device offers us, from the start, three possibilities to place on the right side since the left side has already been decided with a joystick, a directional pad and four additional buttons to open options and perform other functions such as going back, going to the menu, and more.

The mobile as a substitute for the portable console: these are the clues that the industry is giving us

On the right side is the chicha because when choosing the other side controller we can choose between three different options. We have first the ‘MOBA Controller Module’, secondly the ‘FPS Controller Module’ and thirdly the ‘Xbox Controller Module’. Three alternatives to convert our Android console to use it in different scenarios.

But in addition to that, we have a fairly classic portable console that carries Android inside and that has a FullHD + screen with a 20: 9 ratio and 6.81 inches, which translates into 2,400 x 1,080 pixels. It is protected with Gorilla Glass 5, by the way, and it does not hide any fingerprint reader as in the case of mobile phones. The screen refreshes at 60Hz and this is perhaps the weakest point of the device, as we would have expected at least 90Hz to turn this GPD XP into an advanced gaming device.

GPD XP Game Console

The processor chosen by the manufacturer is the Helio G95 supported by 6GB of LPDDR4x RAM and with 128GB of internal UFS 2.1 storage, with a microSD tray of up to 2TB. The battery is 7,000 mAh and charges at a maximum of 20W and we are talking about a console with 370 grams of weight and measures of 233 x 83 x 18 millimeters. We also have a headphone jack, a USB type C for charging and a SIM tray, so we can use it with 4G.

The new GPD XP Game Console has already been put on sale on the website at a price of $ 399 which will increase once the initial promotion price concludes, so if you are thinking of getting it, do not delay in making a decision. We will see, with the passage of time, if Android consoles are imposed or disappear again. Meanwhile, we will have examples like this GPD XP.

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