In the middle of the transition from Hangouts to Google Chat, we see how Google’s new most professional messaging client does not stop receiving improvements to try to attract more users. After improving your search engine with your new filters, Google Chat activates for everyone an important functionality that should be basic in any messaging client: being able to mark a message as unread.

It is a very practical feature that allows us mark those important messages as unread to access them easily later or mark as unread that message that we have read but we have not been able to answer at that time.

How to mark messages as unread in Google Chat

While applications like Telegram or WhatsApp allow you to mark a conversation as unread, Google Chat goes one step further. In addition to being able to mark a chat as unread, it also allows you select a specific message to mark as unread.

Google Chat Mark As Unread

The first way we find to mark a message as unread is from the window of Chat O Spaces. With a long press about the chat we can Mark as unread. This will mark the last message received as unread.

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If we want to mark a certain message as unread, we have to enter the conversation and make a long press on that message important and tap on ‘Mark as unread’. The ‘Unread’ indicator will appear just above the selected message and after exiting the chat we will see that it appears as if we had new messages. This option is not available for Spaces messages, only for Chats.

Google Chat Mark As Unread

Finally, we can also mark as unread the last message received from the conversation options, which are accessed by clicking on the name of the chat once within the conversation. After clicking on the ‘Mark as unread’ option, the conversation will automatically close, leaving the last message marked as unread.

Google Chat Mark As Unread

The ‘Mark as unread’ option is just for us. If we read a message, the other person will know, since it will appear in their conversation that we have read their message even if we later mark it as unread. This feature is only so that that unread message appears to us so that when we reopen Google Chat, the unread message notification reminds us of that important message or that we could not answer at the time.

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