Despite the permanent situation of blocking by the United States, and not being able to access Google services for their phones, among other things, Honor and Huawei continue their usual round of updates between their devices. Turn it’s now up to the Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro, which catch up in regards to their proprietary layer, EMUI.

The two phones from the Honor firm now receive in Europe, since the update had previously been released for local ROMs in your country, China, EMUI 10.1 or Magic UI 2.1. The latest version of the layer is not an advance in terms of the operating system itself but it does incorporate some more than interesting improvements, almost all of which were previously released by the Huawei P40. How Celia, the new virtual assistant for Huawei in the West.

Celia, new app that owns video calls and more


As we have said, the Huawei P40 already released the improvements that now land on two of the most powerful models in the catalog of their brothers of Honor. We talk about improvements such as the arrival of the MeeTime app to become the center of video calls on both phones. A step that is part of the process of changing third-party apps for own apps carried out by both Huawei and Honor.

The arrival of Magic UI 3.1 to the Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro also means that both phones receive new animations for fingerprint unlock, that a new photo gallery that can operate on several devices at the same time is pre-installed and that a new multi-screen collaboration system arrives, again to be able to operate on several devices at the same time.

Celia arrives with a MeeTime for video calls and other improvements in the system

Even if The most striking thing that Magic UI 3.1 drags is Celia, the new Huawei digital assistant that arrives at the European Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro having already abandoned the local testing phase. Huawei brand competition for the Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana or Alexa that flood our market. Of course, the new update brings with it the latest security patches for the operating system, which is updated until further notice.

The update is important and it has a weight of 4,63GB so we recommend downloading it under a WiFi connection so as not to unnecessarily wear down our data connection. The version number that arrives is with the serial number C431E9R5P1) and it is already circulating in Germany and other territories. It may be a matter of hours or days that it reaches all the European Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro.

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