The application subscription service has finally left the United States on the way to other countries, including Spain: Google Play Pass is an excellent way to access the best Android software in exchange for five euros a month. Paid apps, games, without in-app purchases or ads and ready to download to any Android device.

When Google announced its subscription service for the Android app store, we were looking forward to a worldwide launch since said service was launched exclusively in the United States. There were ways to access it, but it involved a change of country in the account and certain complications, such as providing a US payment method. Luckily, almost ten months later, Google has decided to expand the borders of Play Pass to offer its ‘Netflix of Android apps’ to many more countries, including Spain. Do you want to know how to subscribe to take advantage of the free month?

Subscribe to Google Play Pass from the store

Google Play Pass With Google Play Pass active, a new section appears in the lower menu

The process to access Play Pass is done from the Android store itself, the application you have installed on your phone (as long as it is compatible with Google services and apps). The subscription carries a monthly (4.99 euros) or annual charge (29.99 euros, the month is reduced to 2.5 euros), it can be shared with those who are in the family group, there is no limit for apps or games downloaded and the catalog is updated as Google adds new available software. More than 400 applications are currently available.

To subscribe to Play Pass you have to wait for Google to activate it in your account. It is currently expanding, so it may still take a few days: you will have to be patient.

  • Open the Google Play store on your Android device.
  • Display the side menu by swiping from the left edge to the right or clicking on the top three menu lines.
  • If you have the subscription available a ‘Play Pass’ will appear. Click there.
  • Click on the green ‘Start the free trial’ button and select if you want a monthly or annual subscription.
  • It is essential that you have a valid means of payment associated with your Google account since the subscription will be taken from there.
  • Google will not charge you until the end of the first month, which is free. Then it will charge you 4.99 euros (monthly) or 29.99 euros (annual), depending on the type of subscription you chose.
  • If you want to make sure you only enjoy the free month, and once you have already activated Play Pass, go to the ‘Subscriptions’ option (in the side menu) and cancel the payment. You will enjoy the catalog until the end of the month without the risk of Google charging you.
Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass is a great service for those who want quality applications in exchange for a monthly fee that is not too expensive, especially if you bet on the annual payment. The catalog is not yet too wide and higher quality applications are missing (There are some very good games), although Google has been improving this aspect and it will surely give it a boost now that Play Pass has become international.

In our opinion, it’s worth subscribing if you download a lot of apps on your phone and don’t want ads to bother you. Nor in-app purchases: all Google Play Pass applications have integrated purchases.

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