Let’s teach you how to avoid tolls with Google Maps so that you can establish your routes making sure that you will not find yourself at any time with this type of paid roads. Among the multiple functions of Google Maps we find the possibility of configuring free road routes both by car and motorcycle.

It is a simple process, although it requires delving into the configuration of the application itself. So let’s explain how can you activate the free routes and what implications it will have on navigation to switch to this function.

Avoid tolls on Google Maps

Route Options Google Maps

Google Maps only asks us for an arrival point to automatically establish the route. By using GPS permits, you know where we are and establish the route that you consider to be the shortest. Go the shortest route may involve toll roads being marked, bringing us an unpleasant surprise if we did not plan to go through them. To avoid this we can configure Google Maps with an option that prevents this type of road from appearing on the route.

To configure the routes without tolls we have to go to the Google Maps settings and configure the ‘Route options’, submenu where we will find what we are looking for

If what we want is to avoid these toll roads, we only have to follow the steps that we show you below:

  • Click on the three-point menu (upper right corner)
  • Route options
  • Set the option to avoid tolls

After pressing the ‘Route options’ submenu a window called ‘Driving options’ opens. Here we can configure the option to avoid tolls, in addition to being able to avoid highways (if we want to enjoy secondary roads on the way) or avoid ferries. After clicking on ‘Avoid tolls’ it is necessary to click on the ‘Done’ button so that the changes are saved.

When we have pressed, in case the route we had marked incorporated this type of road, will be updated without any toll. This change is a permanent adjustment so, regardless of whether the application is updated or changes functions, it will be marked that we do not want tolls on our journeys.

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