Virtually all Android phones leave us customize interface icons, especially when it comes to the launcher. With the arrival of the latest versions of Android, in addition, adaptive icons arrived, a function that allows developers to adapt their app icons in different ways.

Did you know that on Samsung mobiles we can configure this within the settings themselves? It is a quite different function that is not found in many Android mobiles and that you may not have known about. We are going to teach you how to change the icons of the apps within the settings menu itself, to make them look different.

A not very well-known change

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When you are within the settings of your Samsung mobile and access any sub-section that contains a list of applications, these will come out in their native form. In other words, the classic circular icon that always appears in the list of applications. These icons cannot be customized in the normal way, since they simply show apps installed in the system within the settings menu and it is understandable that we cannot reach such a point of customization.

However, if we have a Samsung mobile, we can customize this. The first thing we have to do is follow these steps to activate developer options.

  • We open the Samsung settings
  • Let’s go to ‘Software Information’
  • Repeatedly click on ‘Build number’
  • We enter the PIN code when asked
Shape Icons

Once this is done, we go back to the settings menu. Now we click on ‘Developer options’ and, once here we go down to the bottom we will see a section called ‘Creation of themes’. Here we can configure three sections ‘Emphasis color’, ‘Header font’ and ‘Icon shape’. Click on the last option. Here we can choose the type of icon we want to see in the settings.

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