iOS devices like other devices need to be plugged off if they are fully charged, on time. Using Apple technology you may apply different methods to get different types of alerts and notifications, as you may set in  your iPhone or iPad to get notify if your device’s battery is fully charged.

In this article we will discuss that how you can set your iPhone or iPad to get fully battery alert, that may be a voice notification as “I am charged” or “Battery is full”.

How to Get Full Battery Alert on your iPhone or iPad

Here we are going to discuss different methods about setting a full battery alert on your iPhone or iPad, you may use different apps to enable this alert on your device. 

Use Shortcuts App

You may set full battery alert on your iPhone or iPad by using the app Shortcuts, follow the given steps to get alarmed when your phone’s battery is full:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Shortcuts app.
  2. At the bottom, click the tab Automation.
  3. From the top right, click the + icon, then choose Create Personal Automation.
  4. Now, scroll a little down to the bottom, and select Battery Level.
  5. On next page, drag your slider to the extreme right, and from the given options, choose Equals 100%.
  6. Then, from the top right click the Next button.
  7. Click on Add Action, search for Notifications from here and then click on Show Notifications.
  8. Next to the Notification text to expand, click the Arrow sign.
  9. Next to the Play Sound option, turn the toggle on, and give it a name as Battery Alert.
  10. Next, select and delete the text Hello World, and add the text you want to add to alert you as “Phone is fully charged” or ” Charging full”, or any other text of your choice.
  11. Now, click the Next button.
  12. Turn the toggle off next to the option Ask Before Running, and enable Don’t Ask option.
  13. In the last step, click the Done button and now your iPhone/ iPad is ready to send you the alert of full charged battery.

Play Music to get the Full Battery Alert

You may set your iPhone or iPad to play music when it is fully charged as an alert, follow the given steps:

  1. Follow and repeat the steps from 1st to 7th in the above mentioned method.
  2. Click Add Action.
  3. Search for Music and then select Play Music.
  4. Tap the Music option, and choose your favorite music that you want to be played when you want to get the full battery alert. 
  5. Click on Next and disable Ask Before Running and save this automation.

Play Voice Recording to get the Full Battery Alert

You may also add your voice recording as an alert of full battery notification on your iPhone or iPad. Here is how to do it:

  1. Repeat the steps from 1 to 7 from the above mentioned method.
  2. Click Add Action, search for Recording.
  3. Click Play Recording option.
  4. Then click the Playback Type label.
  5. Select the voice recording you want to play.
  6. Click on Next, turn the option Ask Before Running off.
  7. Save the automation.


Q: Is it good to charge iPhone or iPad to 100%?

Ans: You may charge your iPhone or iPad to 100% once in a day, however for good battery health of your device you should have the charging from 20% to 80% battery. 

So, this was an easy guide for you to follow to set and get the full battery alert on your iPhone or iPad, you may also use different third party apps to set this alert.

For more tech updates and how to guides, stay with us.

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