Xiaomi installs the MIUI System Launcher on its phones with MIUI 12, a launcher that is only compatible with company devices, unless we find a version carried by third-party developers. Nevertheless, Xiaomi has its own launcher in the Google Play Store under the name of Mint Launcher, a traced version, but compatible with other devices.

We are going to show you how you can install it and what are the main benefits that this launcher has since, in addition to have the aesthetics so characteristic of Xiaomi, it has some cool customization features.

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The Xiaomi launcher, on any Android

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Mint Launcher has been on the Play Store for a while, although you may not have heard of it yet. It has already accumulated more than 10 million downloads and is available for any Android that has version 5.0 or later. It weighs only 8 megabytes, so practically any device can move it without problems.

Mint Launcher

When installing this launcher, we see that the interface changes directly to what we find in Xiaomi mobiles. In this case we have an app drawer invoked by swiping from the bottom of the panel, a grid with rows of four apps, clock widget, and search widget.

At the level of settings, Mint Launcher is quite complete: we can change the grid, icon size, their design, transitions, etc.

The interesting thing comes when you open the settings menu, which is the same that we find in other Xiaomi phones. From here, at a first glance, we can change transition effects, automatically fill in the empty cells or block the current design so that nothing is misconfigured.

If we click on “more” we find the complete list of settings. From here we can change the icon pack, their size, group applications automatically or show application suggestions intelligently in the application drawer.

As you can see, a very complete launcher that gives you the options and interface of a Xiaomi mobile, but in any other terminal with Android 5.0 or higher.

Mint Launcher

Mint Launcher

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