How to know which version of MIUI a Xiaomi mobile has

How to know which version of MIUI a Xiaomi mobile
How to know which version of MIUI a Xiaomi mobile

It is common to attend presentations in which manufacturers tell us about this or that version of their proprietary layer that is about to hit the market, and what functions it will include. That also happens in the case of Xiaomi with its layer for Android, MIUI, so it may interest us know what version we have installed for different reasons.

Perhaps because we have a new version available for our phone and we do not know it, because we can have automatic updates disabled, or perhaps because we are interested in a specific functionality and we cannot locate it. Perhaps, and here is the point, because it is not present in our system. That is why we are going to show you how to find out which version of MIUI is installed on your Xiaomi.

How to know which version of MIUI our Xiaomi has

Actually, know what version of MIUI we have installed on our Android it is a simple and easy process to memorize, and to be able to do it we only have to open the “Settings” of our phone. The Settings can be found in any of the desktops (if we have not modified the ones that the system configures in the first start) or in the list of apps. Since they are arranged alphabetically, we will find it almost at the top.

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So we open the “Settings“of the phone and right at the top, under the search drawer, we find an option with the name of”On the phone “. We will see that the version of MIUI that we have installed is written on that same option. In this case: MIUI Global 12.5.13. But if we prefer more extensive information about what we have installed in our Xiaomi, we can press and access the information section.


Once we access the section of “Over the phone“We find the MIUI version again in the upper left, just under the logo of said version. But if we still need some more information, we go down a bit and come across”MIUI version “ that in addition to the data provided before, it includes the version number in detail, including the compilation number of the same. In this case, RKDEUXM.


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