Netflix: how to check for connection problems in the app

1611349660 Netflix how to check for connection problems in the app

Maybe at some time, even with a stable WiFi connection, you have opened the Netflix application and it has given you problems. Series not charging, connection problems and mistakes that you don’t know where they come from.

We will explain to you how can you check if connection problems come from the Netflix app or if, on the contrary, it is your network that is causing problems. In this way we will have information about the state of the network in a simple way.

Checking connection status on Netflix


Although it is not a very well known option, Netflix allows users to check connection status. It can be done from the app’s own settings, without having to install anything else. If we want to check if our mobile is connecting correctly to the Netflix server, we just have to follow these steps.

  • Open the Netflix app
  • Go to ‘more’
  • Open ‘app settings’
  • Below, in diagnostics, click on ‘check network’
  • Hit ‘start test’

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Ready, the test is quite simple and gives us the only two data we need to know: if we are connected to the internet and if we are connected to the Netflix server. If we have a network connection but the Netflix server does not respond, we will not be able to see content, even if our internet connection works perfectly.

It is a simple process that we can carry out when we have some connection problems with Netflix, to detect if it is a problem with the app or with our WiFi (or data connection).


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