While we wait for the presentation of the new Nest speaker that will replace the Google Home and for the sensitivity adjustment to reach more languages, we discover a next novelty that the Google Assistant has started testing in some smart speakers and it will come to complement alarms, reminders and events.

Is about Family Bell (Family bell), a feature that will allow us to program warnings or sirens that announce that an activity is coming familiar that are repeated in time.

Family Bell

Family Bell

In other words, Family Bell offers us a new way to put into practice the family routines. For example, it will allow us to program lunch time, study time, play time, bedtime, etc …

The Assistant will show us a wide variety of predefined routines, but we can create whatever we want. Then we will have to schedule the days and hours of each routine and on which speakers we want the announcement to sound. When the time is right, the selected speaker or speakers will announce that it is time for an activity.

The “Family Bell” announcements are still under development, so the company is only testing this feature on a small number of smart speakers. It will take a few weeks or months to enjoy this feature.

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