Pixels get new features in December’s ‘Feature Drop’: here’s what’s new

Pixels get new features in Decembers Feature Drop heres whats
Pixels get new features in Decembers Feature Drop heres whats

A few days ago Google announced the news that would reach Android devices this Christmas, but as expected the company has reserved some exclusive news for your Pixel which have now been announced.

Google has announced all the news that will arrive in the coming weeks in its Pixels with the December ‘Feature Drop’. The news that we will see below will not reach all compatible Google Pixels. Some features will only be available for certain models as we will see below.

News from December’s ‘Feature Drop’

  • Quick Tap to Snap: Starting with the Pixel 4a 5G, users will be able to configure the Quick Tap gesture to access Snapchat from the lock screen by double tapping on the back of the phone. In addition, the Google Pixel will be able to find during this month a new exclusive lens called Pixel Face.
Quick Tap

  • Digital car key: As we saw last week with the Android Auto news, users of a Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will be able to open or close the door of selected BMW 2020-2022 models in certain countries.

  • UWB: ultra-broadband technology reaches the Pixel 6 Pro to improve close file sharing with other UWB-compatible devices.

  • Accessibility in the Sound Amplifier: A new accessibility feature brings the Pixel 3a or higher into beta. Thanks to machine learning, it will help anyone to better hear conversations in noisy environments by allowing the camera to focus on the sound of the transmitter.

  • ‘Likes’ on Now Playing: As leaked a few days ago, the always-on song identifier ‘It’s Playing’ will activate from Pixel 4 the new section of Favorites, where you can tell if you liked a song both from the lock screen or from the history.
  • New wallpapers: Google adds three beautiful wallpapers designed by artist Dana Kearly to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
Curated Culture

  • Accident detection: Google activates the detection of accidents in Taiwan, Italy and France, now as in Spain, Ireland, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and the USA, the Pixel 3 onwards will be able to detect serious accidents to call emergencies automatically if the driver is not conscious.

  • More languages ​​for the Recorder: Starting with the Pixel 3, the Google Recorder will support transcriptions in Japanese, French and German.

  • Improved Bass Level Control for Pixel Buds A Series: Finally, the Pixel Buds A Series adds a slider to adjust the bass from -1 to +4, thus offering twice the bass range that it currently has. This novelty will reach any device with Android 6.0 or higher.

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