Samsung updates the original Galaxy Fold with improvements to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Fold Update
1602682146 Samsung updates the original Galaxy Fold with improvements to the

The owners of Samsung’s first folding mobile, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, are about to receive an update with notable improvements, all of them developed for the Samsung Galaxy Fold Z 2. App Pair, Samsung DeX wireless, more photography options and other news.

It didn’t take long between the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, but even so, the second model treasured the experience of the first to greatly improve the exterior design of the phone. Not only that, Samsung took the opportunity to update the hardware in addition to adding more software options. And now that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has been on the market for a few weeks, it’s time to go the other way: an update greatly improves the software of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold.

More productivity and greater photographic capacity

Samsung Galaxy Fold Update

The software innovations are mainly focused on optimizing the use of the device, not in vain a folding mobile still has many borders to overcome. Given the qualities of the screen, Samsung took the opportunity to include New multitasking options on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, also introduced the wireless mode of DeX that debuted with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Now they go the other way around.

As confirmed by Samsung itself, a new update is on the way to its first mobile with a folding screen. New features include the following features:

  • App pair. Now you can choose three apps to open at once from the Edge side menu.
  • Wireless DeX mode. The Samsung Galaxy Fold can be connected in desktop mode with an external display without the need for cables. It is compatible with modern televisions from Samsung and other brands such as LG.
  • Zoom framing. The mobile can track people in front of the camera to adjust the zoom even when they move.
  • Modo Capture view. Taking advantage of the two parts of the extended screen, the camera can display the previous photos on the right side while keeping the camera preview on the right side. This makes it easier to shoot sequences with multiple takes.
  • Dual preview. The Samsung Galaxy Fold can display the newly photographed image on the external and internal display. This is how both the person taking the photo and the person who appears in it see the preview.
  • Selfie with the rear cameras (Rear Cam Selfie). This option allows you to take a self-portrait with the rear cameras using the secondary screen.
  • Video Pro mode adds recording in 21: 9 and 24 fps, includes histogram and ‘focus peaking’. Additionally, Single Capture captures up to 15 seconds of content by choosing the best shot.
  • The WiFi connection now shows if the network is very fast, fast or abnormally slow in settings.
Samsung Galaxy Fold Update

The update is already scheduled for the Samsung Galaxy Fold e it will progressively reach all devices. In addition to the news, Samsung improves the stability of the device, its security and also corrects errors found in the system.

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