Shazam now allows you to play recognized songs on YouTube Music

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1601356266 Shazam now allows you to play recognized songs on YouTube

Shazam has been updated to include YouTube Music, Google’s music service, among the third-party applications that integrate. Following Apple’s purchase of Shazam, the app typically invites the user to open Apple Music as soon as Shazam recognizes the song, although it also had integration with third-party services such as Spotify and Google Play Music.

Google Play Music has evolved to YouTube Music, although Shazam did not yet integrate the reproduction of the recognized contents in this application. Now the app is already compatible with the Google music service, so we can open YouTube Music from Shazam to play the songs it has recognized.

YouTube Music is now integrated into Shazam

Image 2020 09 28 15 49 51

When we open the Shazam application and recognize a song, a menu opens that allows us to play the song. We have a big banner at the bottom to open the song with Apple Music, but if we click on the three points, a menu opens that allows us to play this song with third-party applications.

How to use Shazam to recognize songs within apps and with headphones connected

Until now it could be played through Spotify, but there was no direct integration with YouTube Music. Now, just click on that service to open the song and let’s go directly from Shazam to this app.

The novelty has already arrived in Spain, so make sure you have the application updated, both Shazam and YouTube Music, to avoid incompatibilities. This is a simple novelty, but relevant for all users of Google’s music streaming service.

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