It’s time to put the remainder of 2021 to music with the annual summary that Spotify usually offers: your personal hit list is now available for you to recall the best moments of 2021. In addition, the streaming platform renews the format with a extensive history that not only includes music.

Spotify Wrapped is a musical summary that organizes the most listened to songs of each user in order to awaken their nostalgia just when it is time to recall the best annual memories. Maybe 2021 has not been a year to remember, but surely you keep one in your memory collection of postcards that not only include images and sounds, but also music. This music is just a click away: you can now listen to your compilation on Spotify.

Your favorite songs as a music list and even as movies

Spotify Wrapped 2021

Apart from the list itself, which can be accessed from Spotify Wrapped 2021, the annual compilation offers a Story with different snapshots, moments and creations around the most listened to themes, artists and genres.

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History remembers your listening like movies, offers the aura given off by the different styles you played (in the form of a color gradient) and even take a questionnaire with which you will also discover new topics.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 is a hymn to melancholy, to recovering the best moments you have spent with your mobile, your headphones and those songs that enliven the joy, or sadness, that your daily routine gave off. In addition, the History of Spotify offers multitude of data with everything you have reproduced: from the top five from artists to your favorite genres.

Spotify Wrapped 2021

The History and the compilation with your favorite themes does not appear in the Spotify application yet, but you can access them as follows:

  • Go to this link from your mobile.
  • The Spotify application will open with the Wrapped 2021.
  • Play the story with your best moments by clicking on the image marked with a “What have you been listening to in 2021?“.
Spotify Wrapped 2021

Apart from the History with the data referring to your listeners, and the different classifications of successes, the application will offer you a playlist with the best of your 2021 in terms of music. If it still does not appear, it is a matter of time, soon you will be able to add that list to your library.

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