Stadia continues to advance, although the truth is that it is slower than we would like. Google’s video game streaming platform is taking small steps to incorporate each of the features it announced in the presentation during its launch. For example, the first steps in Family Mode that begin to take place.

What we are talking about now is Stadia version 2.26 for Android, the version that will be released in the coming days and that incorporates some of the aforementioned improvements such as the introduction of Family Mode. Although there is something more to cut, we are going step by step.

Stadia 2.26, Family Mode and more

As we have said, with the 2.26 version of the Stadia app, Family Mode arrives, although it will only be taking its first steps. With the next update, users will be able to move further in the family menu settings that was already introduced in the previous update. Now it will be easier to decide which games will be shared and which games will not.

With Stadia 2.66 the use of the microphone in mobiles will also be activated

A maximum number of people within family groups will also be set so that the possibility of sharing games is enabled. The maximum number will be 6 people, five plus the user himself who chooses which titles to make available to other members.

In Stadia 2.26 the microphone holder for mobile phones, until now only that of the platform’s own command could be used. We can use it both to chat in the games themselves and to invoke the assistant during games. And finally, the games we enjoy with mobile data will have an even smaller consumption format, coming to warn us that we can “eat” up to 2.7GB per hour, when Stadia’s current SD mode is around 4.5GB per hour.

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